The Rooting for Change Together programme and our wider work on building relationships and promoting community cohesion is currently being supported by the Community Relations Council.

BCRC also operates and manages an Ethnic Minority and Migrant Workers Support Project as well as a Disability Development Programme each having two staff members who are dedicated to the advancement and social inclusion of those who feel either marginalised by society or who are simply new to the area and wish to learn more. Both of these programmes conduct significant work with local schools associated with the global citizenship and community relations, equity and diversity in education elements of the curriculum.

BCRC is lead partner for the Causeway Older and Active Strategic Team Reaching Out: Connecting Older People project – COAST Older and Active. We also host the Community Navigator for Older People – Causeway Locality, a post designed by the Northern Trust and PHA to act as a bridge between health professionals, service providers for older people in the community and voluntary sector and older people in the Ballymoney, Coleraine and Moyle areas.

Key Strategic Aims

1. To articulate the voice of the community and voluntary sector and provide a link to policy and decision making at local and regional level.
2. To promote a networking culture across the North East
3. To promote and facilitate relevant training and capacity building initiatives to the community and voluntary sector in Causeway Coast and Glens in order to increase their capacity and sustainability
4. To promote and support community development practice and principles throughout the area of influence of Building Communities Resource Centre
5. To promote good relations within and between communities and build social capital throughout the area of influence of Building Communities Resource Centre
6. To continue to manage and develop The Disability Development Programme
7. To continue to manage and develop the Causeway Ethnic Minority and Migrant Worker Support programme
8. To provide practical support to older people throughout Causeway Coast and Glens.
9. To provide relevant, accessible information to community and voluntary groups to aid the advancement of their community and work
10. To improve internal efficiency and effectiveness of Building Communities Resource Centre including update of its governance and legal responsibilities and ensure good governance knowledge and practice of the board