Community Outreach

Our community outreach programme

We aim to develop community focused and innovative projects which will help to build links and promote good relations within the Causeway Coast & Glens Council area.

Funded through the Community elations Council we are implementing a complete package of community relations support and capacity building that contributes to the development of both rural and urban communities.

CRC Core Funding supports our two Community Outreach Workers to co-ordinate, develop and provide support for member groups and deliver themed projects including ‘Silent Voices, Hidden Truths’; Issues based Dialogues, initiatives addressing rural isolation and Protestant alienation as well as exploring our Shared History and cultural expression. We provide drop-in support for community network members. The CRC funding provides vital support for our work in building cohesion and better relations and improved understanding between communities. This work is fundamental to addressing issues which can contribute to community tension such as parades, bonfires, flags and emblems.

As well as working closely with groups on the ground and supporting them to develop initiatives of their own, we offer a number of community education opportunities. Dialogues, seminars and conferences in the last year have focussed on civic engagement, the rights and responsibilities of freedom of expression, cultural fusion, visible manifestations of identity, discrimination, leadership and intimidation, and have attracted a very diverse group of participants.

We are partners in a major project called the Somme Remembered 1916- 2016 which focusses on the Shared History dimensions of the Decade of Centenaries and featured aseries of events including seminars and workshops, reconstructions and exhibitions which has built on a substantial body of work carried out in the last year by BCRC as part of our 100 Years On programme.

100 years on

Work continues on our Intimidation Toolkit which has been developed into an accredited training course, with a two day train the trainers course coming up in August.

We have also developed a course to complement the ‘Showing your True Colours’ project which was developed to break down stereotyping, myths and perceptions through greater understanding of the symbols of our identity.


We develop and deliver programmes with young adults from loyalist communities (PUL), including delivering workshops on Bonfires and Beacons and these have been focused within the new Causeway area. We are also developing a programme for young women from Loyalist Communities in partnership with RCN. Our work on empowering women to participate in peace-building initiatives and to influence decision makers and community planning partnerships continues to gain momentum through Causeway Voices for Change.

As well as delivering our own projects, we also support various community/voluntary organisationsdeliver their own initiatives on the themes of Shared History, Art and Memorial; Village Forum Development, Women in the Community, Lobbying and Community Planning.

For more information on the project contact Angela or Shauna.



A few pictures of our community outreach work