Partner Initiatives

Partner Initiatives

Building Communities Resource Centre is one of three community based networks operating across the North East, and we are pleased to say that we have developed a Framework for Cooperation with our sister organisations Causeway Rural and Urban Network and North Antrim Community Network.

Together we have organised a number of events designed to engage the community and local politicians in meaningful conversations.

We have also jointly delivered on projects and contracts for the local council and Rural Development Programme.

Partnership Initiatives

Another exciting partnership initiative in which we are involved is the Waste No Time – Don’t bin Your Voice project on participative democracy led by Corrymeela. This project aims to reach as many people as possible in the Causeway area and to ensure that their voice is heard in the Community Planning process and further highlight the need for community cohesion and community relations to be an integral part of community plans.

We are also excited about our continuing work on intimidation, and the training course based on our Intimidation Toolkit. The toolkit was developed in partnership with a number of other key organisations in the field, and we actively promote the building and sustaining of partnerships with other core funded groups, statutory bodies and most importantly the people on the ground with whom we have built strong and constructive relationships.


BCRC has been involved since its inception with the Movement for Change initiative convened by Community Dialogue aimed at promoting innovative ways of engaging people and communities in peace building.

BCRC is also a Consortium Member of the Stronger Together Network for individuals and organisations working to promote equity and inclusion for new comers and representatives of BME communities. We work very closely with the Inter-ethnic Forum in Mid and East Antrim and have also delivered projects with organisations such as WAVE Trauma Support, Ballymoney Cultural and Heritage Society, Rural Community Network, Community Dialogue, Causeway Citizens’ Advice Bureau and Causeway Volunteer Centre.