Community Outreach

Our community outreach programme

We aim to develop community focused and innovative projects which will help to build links and promote good relations within the Causeway Coast & Glens Council area.

Under this theme BCRC works towards a peaceful and shared society based on reconciliation and mutual trust, building good community relations across the Borough through:

  • Building Positive Communities supporting organisations to address community development needs in their area and promote inclusion.
  • Women’s Civic Voice to develop the capacity of local women in civic life
  • Community Dialogues to provide opportunities to engage communities in discussing issues affecting them.
  • Shared Heritage working with individuals and organisations to identify and promote important aspects of our local shared heritage and preserve it for future generations.
  • Shared Education working collaborativelywith schools and colleges and offering dynamic programmes in Diversity, Community Development, Culture and Heritage.
  • Brighter Futures Leadership Initiatives to lift horizons and  develop young people’s skills, knowledge and experience in key areas such as: Good Relations & Peace Building; Safeguarding our Young People & Safe Communities
  • Shared Spaces supporting organisations and promoting the concept of Shared Spaces.
Supporting  Key Institutions & Cultural Organisations and encouraging them to develop projects which reflect upon the legacy of the past  and build positive relations

Community Outreach

For more information on the project contact Angela or Clair.


Outreach meeting

Peace IV banners



A few pictures of our community outreach work