Young People with Disabilities

Young People with Disabilities

BCRC works directly with young people with physical and learning disabilities providing the following programme of personal development activities to assist them and their families:
  • Rock School ‘The Causeway Crew’ for young people with disabilities to learn new skills and build self-esteem through the medium of performing arts.
  • Creative space Afterschool club to assist and develop young people’s creative skills
  • Summer-ability  Summer Scheme providing the opportunity to participate in indoor and outdoor activities
  • Seasonal outings and Events
  • Mission Transition early intervention training programme designed to align with the young people’s interests and therefore has three strands, music, art and wellbeing.
  • Respite for carers through scheduled programme
  • Identifying and addressing gaps in services
  • Social media written and produced by young people for their peers and parents

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Contact: Disability Support Worker
Tel: 028 2766 5068

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